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Strike in France Leads to Cancelled Flights

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The planned pension reforms in France have led many workers and students to strike in protest.  The strike is having an affect on public transportation, fuel supply and flights.  Travel insurance can provide relief for those whose vacation plans are affected by the strike.  Many plans will cover if a trip is cancelled, delayed, interrupted or cut short because of a labor strike.

CNN recently wrote about flights being cancelled because of the strike.

The two main Paris airports, Orly and Charles de Gaulle, had to cancel flights because air traffic controllers and other airport workers were among the strikers.

Half the flights from Orly airport were due to be canceled Tuesday because of the strikes, and 30 percent of flights from other airports in the city will be canceled, the French aviation authority announced Monday.

Both major airports are supplied by a pipeline that comes directly from refineries that were shut down Friday, according to Trapil, the company that owns the line.

Jean-Louis Shilansky, the president of the French Union of Petroleum Industries, said that French airports are not in imminent danger of running out of fuel. If necessary, he said, France can always import more jet fuel.

French workers began their latest round of strikes a week ago. The government, which contends that France can no longer afford the earlier retirement payments, has shown no sign of backing down.

Look closely at a travel insurance policy, as it pertains to labor strikes.  Some plans will not cover a strike once it has been announced.  At that point, the strike is considered a foreseeable event.  Also, this benefit is not available in every plan.

The alternative is a policy that offers cancel for any reason coverage.  This allows a traveler to cancel the trip without explaining why.  Shop early in order to find a policy with cancel for any reason because this benefit is only available for a short time from the first trip payment.  To use this coverage, the trip must be cancelled at least two days before departure.  Last, this coverage will not reimburse the full trip cost.  Normally the reimbursement is about 75% of the trip cost.

Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.

Source:  More than a million protest French retirement change plans