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Study Abroad and Alcohol Consumption

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Travel insurance isn’t just for the cruise or resort vacation.  Volunteers, business people, family members and students traveling can be protected as well.  The type of trip might mean different risks, making some coverage benefits more important.  A recent post on HTH Worldwide’s Healthy Travel Blog addressed alcohol as a substantial risk to student travelers.

Study abroad programs offer increasing numbers of college students the opportunity to be immersed in a new culture, learn a foreign language and travel around the world.  According to recent studies, study abroad programs also afford them the opportunity to increase their alcohol consumption.

In a study following 177 overseas scholars, University of Washington researchers found that students doubled how much they typically drank, with underage students nearly tripling their alcohol intake. When surveyed before they departed, students reported consuming an average of four alcoholic drinks per week. That number jumped to eight drinks per week while abroad.  Local culture influenced the results, with those traveling to Europe, Australia or New Zealand drinking more heavily than those who studied in Africa, Latin America, Asia or the Middle East.

It is important to understand the coverage benefits and exclusions in a travel insurance policy.  This is especially true for students traveling abroad who may be susceptible to over indulgence.  A common exclusion in travel insurance is any incidents caused by intoxication.  This means any type of loss, accident or injury that is the direct result of being drunk is not covered.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details and remember, every policy has a money back guarantee period which allows you to cancel the policy and receive a refund.

Source: Study Abroad Students Double Alcohol Intake While Overseas