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Three Common Mistakes When Filing A Travel Insurance Claim

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The process of filing a travel insurance claim is usually fairly simple, but it is easy for travelers to stop thinking about travel insurance policies once a vacation begins. Understanding some of the most common mistakes travelers make when filing a claim will take the headache out of the claims process and help to ensure that a claim is paid.

The first mistake that travelers make is waiting too long to make the initial claim. The best way to get the claims process moving is to contact a carrier as soon as something happens. Otherwise, travelers might miss the opportunity to make a claim because they did not follow the correct procedure.

Secondly, many travelers neglect to provide receipts or documentation that carriers require to process a claim. Keeping a folder with all major receipts, invoices, and documents related to trip costs is key to efficiently filing a claim. Bring these documents on the trip so that a claim can be made from any location.

The last common mistake travelers make is not having a firm understanding of their travel insurance policies. Taking the time to read the policy gives the policy holders the advantage of knowing exactly what is covered, including a complete list of covered reasons as well as any exclusions. Don’t hesitate to contact the travel insurance carrier at any time before or during a trip to verify the policy details.