Trapped In Costa Rica Without Travel Insurance

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A recent story reported by FOX news uncovered a young couple trapped in Costa Rica because they couldn’t afford to be medically transported back to the U.S.

Ron and Elissa Merritt are desperately trying to get back to the United States, where they have health insurance and access to U.S. doctors and hospitals. But they think it may take up $30,000 to get out on a medical flight. They can’t fly commercial because doctors in Costa Rica aren’t sure if it would be medically safe for Elissa to fly without a doctor nearby, meaning the couple right now is in a holding pattern.

In this type of situation, having travel insurance to cover a medical emergency and medical evacuation can be very important. Not only will the travel insurance provider offer assistance in communicating with the hospital and their family, but it will cover the costs of medical treatment and the cost to medically transport someone. When traveling to the Costa Rica from the U.S., Squaremouth recommends buying a travel insurance policy with a minimum of $25,000 in medical and $50,000 in medical evacuation coverage.

Source:  MyFox 9 News