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The word travel which comes from the French word travailler specifies the movement of people from one place to another. A person may travel for various reasons such as tourism, trade, commuting, migration, pilgrimages etc.

People travel to tourist’s places generally for the purpose of recreation or business or paying homage to their deity. Tourism as a service industry is helping countries to earn good money. As such every country which attracts numerous tourists every year work towards providing all sorts of services to the tourists such as transport, hospitality which includes accommodation, food, beverages, tours, banking, insurance, safety and information about the country’s tourists places.

Every country which is blessed with numerous tourist places has their own tourist sites providing the details of almost all the facilities they would need for a happy and pleasant travel.

People can also do their bookings for hotels, travel modes online through internet. We can travel either by air, land or sea. The choice of the mode of transport depends upon the geography of the region the person is going to visit and at times on the cost the person needs to pay.

When it comes to air transport we have numerous air flights to choose from. The airlines are now providing various services to the passengers. We also have cheaper flights to meet the needs of the mass. The passengers can book their tickets online or else over phone and collect their tickets from the airport before traveling.

Electric trains replacing the steam locomotives have increased the use of trains as a mode of transport to a great extent. The trains are providing various services catering to the different needs of various classes of passengers. Trains have different classes of coaches. The demarcation is based on the services provided. The more the services the higher will be the fare.

Speaking of land transport we have both private and government run buses. There are also luxury buses running from one destination to another. A tourist can choose between the different types of buses ranging from general buses to air-conditioned buses with sleeper coaches. Apart from buses tourists can also hire tourist cars or taxi’s for traveling to places of their interest.

Most governmental tourist organizations are provide a complete tour package that includes all the facilities a tourist would need to have a comfortable visit to the tourist spots in their country.