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Travel Affected by the Winter Weather May Not Be Over

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The extreme weather that many are facing this winter may not be done wreaking havoc just yet. Record breaking winter storms have brought snow to the south, shut down cities, and caused a numerous amount of flight cancellations and delays. Many are wondering how travelers affected by the winter weather will handle these cancellations and delays. MH Ross, and Allianz offer their advice.

Airlines May Accommodate Travelers

According to Allianz, airlines may accommodate customers affected by the unpredictable winter weather. “For longer delays, airlines frequently allow customers to change their plans without a change fee” says Allianz. There have been several named winter storms this winter alone, and possibly more to come.

School Closings May be Covered

Unfortunately, what many travelers may not be aware of, is how these current winter storms could affect their later travel. Due to the amount of school closings that have taken place this winter, there is a high possibility of an extended school year. Fortunately for travelers, if this extended school year causes travel problems for their summer vacations, having travel insurance may help.

According to MH Ross, there is coverage available for those that need to cancel or delay their summer trips due to the extended school year. “By purchasing travel insurance, travelers can better prepare themselves for the unexpected parts of travel” says MH Ross.