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Travel Guard Surveys Agents About Trip Cost

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Travel insurance carriers frequently provide information, advice and statistics with a newsletter.  Travel Guard recently gathered travel statistics from agents and wrote about them in their newsletter, The Source.  The following is an excerpt from the story.

The Travel Guard Pulse Poll surveys agents on the latest trends in travel and the latest survey indicates that the majority of vacationers are now spending more money on vacation than in recent years – and their destination of choice may not be what you think.

Forty-five percent of travel agents polled said their clients were spending more on travel while approximately 40% of agents stated their clients were spending about the same as in recent years. The magic number for a getaway? Agents say $1,000 to $3,000.

So if they are spending more, where are they going? The majority of travel booked has been to destinations outside the continental US, with Europe strongly in the lead. Approximately 26% of travel agents polled said Europe is the most popular destination booked for vacations this year. The Caribbean follows with approximately 15% followed by Caribbean and/ or Mexican cruises and international cruises at 13% and 12% respectively.

What else accounts for more spending than usual? Lengthier stays and flight costs according to agents. The average length of a vacation according to agents that were polled tops out at seven days or longer. Approximately 48% of clients book a week-long getaway and 33% plan to take a 10 to 12-day vacation. Forty-six percent of travel agents polled said their clients spend most on the flights for their vacation while 39% said food and beverage came in first.

Source:  The Source