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Travel Guard – Travel Tale A Delhi Disaster

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Travel insurance carriers answer frequently asked questions and share traveler experiences on their website, blog or newsletter.  Travel Guard recently included a testimonial in their newsletter from a customer traveling to the Himalayas.  The following is an excerpt from the story.

Jeanne and her traveling partner Sherri were enjoying all that India had to offer. The most challenging part of their trip? Plans to journey through the Himalayas. Just as they thought their trip couldn’t get much better, a snow storm interrupted their trek, causing a mountain pass to become impassable.

Besides the disappointment that they wouldn’t be able to finish their trip, Jeanne and Sherri were even more dismayed when they thought about their hefty trip investment for a tour in which they couldn’t fully participate. Who would reimburse them for the missed parts of their trip?

That’s when they contacted Travel Guard. The insurance they had purchased through Travel Guard was able to reimburse them for the change fee to get home, the missed tour and even the taxi fare!

Source:  Travel Tale A Delhi Disaster