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Travel Guard Writes About Adventure Travel

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Travel insurance carriers often provide useful travel information on the company website.  Travel Guard recently posted a story about cliff diving and a popular destination in Queenstown, New Zealand.  The following is an excerpt from the article:

Adventurers know that Australia and New Zealand travel provides for some truly unforgettable experiences. Whether its climbing Mount Cook in New Zealand or exploring the Great Barrier Reef, the natural delights of the South Pacific have kept travelers coming back.

That’s also true of one of the more interesting manmade endeavors in the region, the Shotover Canyon Swing in Queenstown, New Zealand. This rope system launches brave tourists over the edge of a canyon, swinging them right by the cliff face before bringing them up again. The ride has proved popular, and many have returned to go again – including one American couple who went 17 times, according to

While some may feel that it sounds extremely dangerous, the company behind the thrill ride focuses on safety as their top priority. All staff are expertly trained, and the system is designed to hold the weight equivalent of four cars.

Many travel insurance plans exclude certain hazardous sports and activities.  This can include base jumping, scuba diving, mountaineering and extreme skiing, to name a few.  Travel Guard Adventure Travel Protection is an insurance plan that does not exclude most adventure sports, meaning they are eligible for coverage.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.

Source:  Jump off a cliff in Queenstown, New Zealand