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Travel Guard’s World Service Center During the Volcanic Ash Delays

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Travel insurance carriers produce newsletters that will often include travel advice, discuss current events or information about the company.  A recent story in the Source, Travel Guard’s newsletter, reviewed how Travel Guard responded to the increased volume of calls, claims and emergencies related to the volcanic ash cloud over Europe.  The following is an excerpt from the article.

Millions of travelers were left stranded in Europe after volcanic ash from the Icelandic volcano covered the skies in early April. With no hesitation, Travel Guard’s World Service Center was proactive in helping those in need with flight re-booking, cancelling flights and finding hotel accommodations. Even with high call volumes, the World Service Center provided “astonishing customer service” to all of those in need.

Our WSC received on average 5,000-6,000 more calls than normal per week during the time of the volcanic eruption. Because of this, many of the employees in the department logged many additional hours of overtime to make sure each call was handled responsibly.

Becky Edwards, manager of the WSC, said that additional hours were offered to anyone in the department, from the front-line representatives to supervisors. Also, employees in other departments that may have started their Travel Guard employment in the WSC, or who have product and assistance knowledge to be able to service customers, generously helped out to ensure that callers received the help they needed and in a timely and professional manner. Many employees from other departments helped take calls before or after their regular shift in their own department.

Another step to make sure calls were answered quickly was to have food catered in for those who were working the extra hours so that they did not have to go off-site and be away from the phones for too long. By doing this, employees could devote their time to helping customers.

Source: the Source