Travel Insurance Benefits for Flight Delays

Travel Insurance Benefits for Flight Delays

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Flight delays can cause serious headaches when they impact your travel plans, and that frustration can grow if those delays lead to additional financial loss. Travel insurance policies are built with this in mind, and include coverage for flight delays to protect travelers from financial loss during a delay.

There are two travel insurance benefits for flight delays: Travel Delay and Missed Connection.

The Travel Delay Benefit

The Travel Delay benefit can reimburse the costs of meals and accommodations when a trip is unexpectedly delayed. Flight delays are the the main cause of Travel Delay claims.

The most common covered reasons for Travel Delay are inclement weather or a mechanical breakdown of a common carrier. In order for coverage to be available, the delay must exceed 3, 5, 6 or 12 hours, depending on the policy.

The Missed Connection Benefit

In addition to Travel Delay, many policies also include the Missed Connection benefit to provide additional coverage for travelers. If a flight delay causes a traveler to miss a scheduled portion of their trip, such as a tour or a cruise, this benefit can reimburse the additional costs they incur to catch up to their trip.