Coverage Can Overlap Within Travel Insurance

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Travel insurance plans normally include a package of benefits ranging from trip cancellation, to medical evacuation, to life insurance.  There are many situations a traveler might face where multiple coverage benefits would apply.  For example, a medical emergency could lead to a claim for emergency medical, medical evacuation, trip interruption and even life insurance.  Recently, Travelex included a story from a traveler whose cruise was affected by the earthquake in Chile earlier this year and multiple coverage benefits applied.  The following is an excerpt from the customer review.


We had a couple booked on a 23 day itinerary to South America which we insured with Travel Select. The trip was to begin with a Princess Cruise scheduled to depart from Santiago, Chile on March 2, 2010.
Due to the earthquake that disrupted travel throughout South America, our clients were unable to get to their ship before it left. The earliest they could re-join their trip was on March 12 in Montevideo; day 13 of my clients’ 23 day trip.
This is where the Travel Select policy really helped out: an earthquake is considered a natural disaster and is covered as a Trip Delay. The really good news is that if a Travel Select policy holder misses over ½ of their trip due to a Trip Delay, they are eligible for Trip Cancellation coverage.
With some help from the friendly staff in Omaha and my Regional Account Manager, we were able to provide proof that there was no way to get them on board beyond the ½ way point of their scheduled trip. Our clients were reimbursed 100% of their trip cost.
This is a good example of how travel insurance coverage can overlap.  Normally, travel delay coverage reimburses the expenses for lodging, food and local transportation during a delay.  With Travelex Travel Select, if a travel delay lasts so long to cause the traveler to miss more than half of the trip, then it is a covered reason for trip cancellation.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.