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Many travelers are only interested in travel insurance to cover medical emergencies.  Coverage benefits like baggage delay, travel delay and trip cancellation are not important to them.  While there are many policies that include emergency medical coverage, most coverage benefits cannot be removed on an individual basis.

Trip cancellation is the one coverage benefit that can be removed for a travel insurance quote.  When obtaining a quote, the traveler is asked if the quote should include trip cancellation coverage.  When the answer is no, the quote is generated having used a $0 trip cost, effectively removing the trip cancellation coverage.  In many cases, this will also remove the trip interruption coverage.  Quoting without trip cancellation coverage also reduces the premium cost.

Other benefits such as emergency medical, medical evacuation, and baggage & personal items loss are not impacted by the amount of trip cost quoted.  Unfortunately, this means those benefits cannot be selectively removed in an effort to decrease the premium.  Policies that offer emergency medical coverage will also offer some amounts of coverage in other categories too.