Medical Mission Trip Travel Insurance

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Many travelers participate in medical mission trips in response to disaster relief for countries around the world. While many volunteers provide emergency medical, surgical and dental treatment for those in need, they may also need travel insurance protection of their own.

Because the risk for injury and illness is increased for travelers visiting disaster areas or areas where the overall health conditions are poor, travel insurance coverage may be a valuable addition to those participating in medical mission trips.

Travelers have the option to purchase emergency medical and medical evacuation benefits depending on their needs. If groups of travelers will be participating in medical mission trips, they may be able to find a travel insurance plan that will list all of them together. This is an easy way to ensure each traveler has the same coverage. If travelers need to be listed individually because they have different travel dates, individual plans are also available.

Since the need for medical relief during a crisis can be unpredictable, it may benefit travelers to purchase a renewable plan. Renewable plans allow travelers to extend coverage if they decide to extend their trip beyond the originally scheduled return date. Travelers must renew their policies before their existing policies expire in order to maintain coverage.

Whether travelers are heading overseas to provide medical care or to rebuild after a disaster strikes, a travel insurance plan with the right medical coverage may provide valuable protection for themselves while they help others.