One-Way Trip Travel Insurance

One-Way Trip Travel Insurance

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From Tripadvisor Travelers Forum (find the entire thread here):

My girlfriend and I are about to travel to Southeast Asia for 5 months, and obviously need travel insurance. We’re living in New Zealand at the moment but will not be returning to New Zealand. Does anybody know of travel companies that will insure? The majority of insurers won’t insure, as we’re not returning to our departure location. Thanks for any advice.

Squaremouth’s Response:

Most single trip travel insurance policies cover travelers from door to door, starting when they leave home and ending when they return home. This is because single trip policies take into account the length of the trip when calculating a policy’s premium, so defined departure and return dates are required.

Some providers may offer coverage for one-way trips, however coverage ends when the traveler reaches their destination. Their coverage will not extend beyond their arrival.