Travel Insurance for Sports Equipment and Fees

Travel Insurance for Sports Equipment and Fees

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Adventure and sports travel is at an all-time high, with interest in activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, skiing and scuba diving, among others, all growing in popularity. Due to the potentially higher risk of participating in these sports and activities, many travelers turn to travel insurance.

Travel insurance policies can cover sports trips. This includes the amount they pay to participate in their chosen sport or activity, such as lift tickets or hiring a guide for a mountain climb, as well as their travel arrangements and hotel accommodations.

In addition, travelers participating in sports or adventurous activities can also have medical benefits during their trip, as long as they buy a policy with Sports & Activities coverage that includes their chosen sport.

Below, Squaremouth breaks down the travel insurance benefits that can cover travelers for their sports equipment and fees.

Sports Equipment Loss: This benefit reimburses a traveler if their own sports equipment is lost or damaged during a covered trip. This benefit can also cover the additional expenses a traveler pays to rent new equipment.

Sports Equipment Delay: This benefit covers the cost of renting equipment in the event a traveler’s own equipment is delayed while on the way to their destination. This benefit only covers equipment that is delayed while a traveler is en route to their destination – it does not cover equipment that is delayed on the way back home.

Sports Weather Loss: This benefit can reimburse a traveler’s prepaid and non-refundable trip payments when they are not able to participate in a sport or activity due to inclement weather. For example, this can include expenses such as green fees or lift tickets.

Sports Fees: This benefit can reimburse a traveler’s prepaid and non-refundable payments that are specific to sports and activities. This can include reimbursement for the cost of lift tickets, greens fees, or lessons, in the event an activity is missed due to a reason covered by the policy.

Search & Rescue: This benefit pays for the costs associated with finding a traveler in the event they become lost, disoriented, or go missing while participating in an activity during their trip. The Search and Rescue benefit is designed to cover the reasonable costs incurred. This includes expenses such as fuel costs, operating costs, vehicle rental costs, and other equipment deemed appropriate to find the missing traveler.

In order for coverage to be available for sports equipment and fees, travelers must have their receipt or credit card statement showing proof of their loss.

For additional information about travel insurance for sports equipment, visit Squaremouth’s Adventure and Sports Travel Insurance landing page.