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International Medical Travel Insurance

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When planning to travel, should a traveler purchase travel insurance or international medical insurance?  The answer depends on the traveler and the type of travel.  The largest difference between the two types is that travel insurance will cover trip cancellation and trip interruption, among other travel related benefits.  Most travel insurance policies also contain emergency medical and medical evacuation coverage, as well.  When the travel is more vacation oriented, with deposits, cancellation penalties and money at risk, then a travel insurance policy is appropriate.

Some international medical insurance plans provide travel related benefits, such as  baggage and personal items loss or return air assistance, but the main benefits of coverage are emergency medical & dental and medical evacuation& repatriation.  These plans are sometimes referred to as visitors insurance, as they satisfy insurance requirements to obtain a visa.  Some plans require that the destination be outside of the home country.  When travelling internationally, and if there are modest, or even no costs for airfare or lodging, most likely an international medical policy is best.

Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.  Contact a Squaremouth representative at (800) 240-0369.