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Travel insurance protects travelers whose vacations are impacted by the unexpected.  A recent example of an unplanned incident ruining a trip is the mechanical failure of the Carnival Splendor.  The cruise was interrupted, the ship towed to Mexico and the travelers were refunded by Carnival.  Travel Insurance Services recently issued a press release about the cruise ship nightmare and similar past situations.  The following is an excerpt from the story.

Stuck on a cruise ship with 4,500 other cranky passengers, no air conditioning and nothing but spam on the menu. Talk about a travel disaster.

The Carnival Cruise Ship Splendor finally returned to port Thursday, three days after an engine room fire cut power throughout the ship, leaving it adrift in the Pacific Ocean.

Although Carnival is reimbursing passengers for the cost of their trip and transportation home, nightmare-cruise passengers are not always so lucky.

This past October, two days into a 12-day voyage, the crew of the Celebrity Century discovered the ship’s rudder was damaged. The cruise was cancelled, stranding passengers in a small port in southern France during a country-wide transportation strike.

Many of the passengers complained that the crew of the Century were very little help, and had to rely on travel agents and their travel insurance concierge service to help them find their way around France and back home.

With USI Travel Insurance Select Elite, you can receive reimbursement if your trip is cancelled and our concierge service can help you make transportation arrangements to get back home in an emergency.

Travel insurance plans with trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage will not reimburse expenses that have already been refunded by a travel supplier.  Passengers aboard the Carnival Splendor were refunded for that cruise, issued a voucher for a future cruise and reimbursed the travel expenses back home.  Items not refunded by the cruise line, such as additional transportation expenses, unused flights or unused tours, could be paid through a travel insurance claim if mechanical breakdown is covered by the policy.  Always refer to the certificate of insurnace for details.

Source: Cruise Ship Nightmare Finally Ended, but a Fair Warning to Others