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Travel Insured International Addresses Single Supplement Coverage

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Travel insurance carriers will often post frequently asked questions and answers online and in newsletters.  The following is an excerpt from the Travel Insured International March newsletter.  It discusses the options when one traveler cancels their portion of the trip and the other continues traveling alone.

Q: Two friends have booked a cabin to share on a cruise.  One of them, however, must cancel for a covered reason and the other, who still wants to take the trip, is faced with paying a single supplement as a result. What are her options?

A: One of the advantages of booking one of our policies is that the friend who is choosing to travel alone can claim for the single supplement.  There are two rules to keep in mind: First, the person continuing the trip must have his or her own policy, even if the companion who is canceling does not.  Second, the friend must be canceling for a covered reason under Trip Cancellation.  If both these conditions are met, then the person being charged the single supplement will be able to claim for a reimbursement for that amount once he or she returns from the trip.

The coverage described above is specific to plans from Travel Insured International.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.