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Travel Insured International Blogs About Volcanic Eruptions

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Travel insurance carriers often post information in newsletters and on their websites.  A recent article in the Travel Insured International blog addressed volcanic eruptions and travel insurance.  The following is an excerpt of the story.

It is a safe bet that six months ago you had never heard of Eyjafjallajoekull. You probably would have been unable to identify the name as a typographical error or a type of tropical disease, let alone a volcano. Thanks to the widespread disruption the Icelandic volcano caused when it erupted and spewed an ash cloud across European airspace in April, many people were left wishing they had purchased travel insurance. Tens of thousands of travelers in Europe were left stranded when airports were shut down and flights cancelled due to aviation risks posed by the spreading ash cloud. One Canadian professor was stuck at London’s Heathrow Airport when her flight was cancelled. She was forced to take a nine-hour, three-thousand-dollar cab ride to reach a conference in Amsterdam. It has not been stated whether she had trip insurance or paid the expense out of pocket.

Fortunately, volcanoes don’t erupt every day. Even with the best laid plans, however, many other things can go wrong. People take ill without warning. Travelers encounter family complications. Jobs are changed or can be lost. Even terrorism periodically rears its ugly head. Travel insurance does not add major expense to the cost of a typical trip in comparison to the price of airline tickets, fuel surcharges, accommodations, meals or taxes. Insurance, however, buys peace of mind against the possibility that the unexpected will happen. Travel Insured International is an excellent choice for anyone planning to take a trip individually, with the family, or as part of a group. The company specializes in trip insurance and offers only products and services that fall within that category: Travel Insured plans provide coverage for emergency medical expense protection, airline ticket protection, international travel insurance coverage, and other travel protection needs.

It is important to know a policy’s coverage in the event of something unexpected.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.  For an event such as the volcanic eruption in Iceland, check the insurance carriers’ position statements to learn how coverage is affected.