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Travel Insured Responds to MSNBC Article Questioning Travel Insurance

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This article was reproduced from the Travel Insured International monthly newsletter.

Travel Insured responded to a June 11th article on the MSNBC News Web site that posed the question, “Is Travel Insurance Worth the Extra Money?,” and then gave a negative answer. “In rare instances it is a good deal, but it often duplicates existing coverage,” the sub-headline stated. Travel Insured Emailed MSNBC writer Laura Coffey recommending she consult the U.S. State Dept. Web site or the government’s advice regarding medical insurance. Contrary to Coffey’s statement that “your medical insurance may be valid in other countries.” the State Dept. says “U.S. medical insurance is generally not accepted outside the U.S., nor do the Social Security Medicare and Medicaid programs provide coverage…”

Travel Insured also cited experts, such as former Consumer Reports travel editor Ed Perkins, whose research disagreed with the MSNBC opinion that “airlines reimburse lost baggage.” Perkins, in his article of December 2006, reported that airlines find ways to avoid reimbursing clients for lost bags and added, “government rules tend to protect airlines, not passengers.” Travel Insured also suggested writer Coffey consult published accounts of the 2007 Valentine’s Day ice storm, and travel agents’ customer experiences, to learn that travelers often do not receive refunds after a natural disaster, contrary to MSNBC’s opinion that “you are likely to get a refund if your trip gets cancelled” due to a natural disaster.

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