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Travel Loyalty Programs

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Many different types of trips can be covered by travel insurance.  This can include cruises, tours, flights, family visits, business trips and more.  Trip cancellation and trip interruption protects the financial costs of the trip, however, points and miles from loyalty programs are different.

When getting a travel insurance quote, the trip cost can include all pre-paid and non-refundable costs of the trip.  This should only be actual money paid by the traveler.  The cash value of points or miles cannot be insured, however, any fees associated with a loyalty program can be insured.  If the trip is cancelled or dates changed, penalties incurred to re-deposit the miles or change reservations.  Medjet Assist recently polled their members to learn how travel loyalty programs influence travel habits.  The following are the results of the survey and were provided in the Medjet Assist newsletter.

Heavily – 23%

Moderately – 31%

Slightly – 28%

Never – 18%

The results are evenly distributed among the four options, but 82% identify having been influenced by or used loyalty programs when planning a trip.  Remember, travel insurance can cover a trip purchased through a loyalty program, but only the actual monetary trip costs can be insured against trip cancellation or trip interruption.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.