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Travel Tip Round Up: The Questions You Should Be Asking Your Travel Insurance Provider

Travel Tip Round Up: The Questions You Should Be Asking Your Travel Insurance Provider

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Planning for a trip can be a stressful process, travelers often look to their travel providers for answers to lingering questions before departure. How do travelers know if they are covering the right ground, and asking all the necessary questions when it comes to their travel insurance provider? Squaremouth has collected advice from, HCC Medical Insurance Services, Travel Insured International and,  TravelSafe Insurance on the most important questions to ask.

Travelers should consider asking their travel insurance provider everything from what is considered a preexisting condition, to whether or not their is a flat rate for children. HCC Medical Insurance Services recommends asking about the possibility of extending a policy. “Can I extend my coverage if I extend my trip? Let’s say you enjoy backpacking across Europe so much that you decide to extend your trip. Will you need to get a separate policy to cover your additional days, or can you add some days to your existing policy” says HCC. It is important to be aware of the options your travel insurance provider allows to be added on to the policy.

Another important topic to breach with a travel insurance provider is the length of time before the departure that a traveler needs to provider when using the cancel for any reason benefit. Typically this length of time is two to three days. “By purchasing a Cancel for Any Reason benefit, you are able to cancel for any reason (not already covered under trip cancellation) more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure date” offers Travel Insured International. Travel insurance providers can change policies and benefits often. “Chances are their coverage has changed since the last time you reviewed their benefits” says TravelSafe Insurance.