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Travel Tip Roundup: Easy Ways to Exercise on Vacation

Travel Tip Roundup: Easy Ways to Exercise on Vacation

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Taking a vacation means setting your day-to-day schedule aside, which often means letting exercise fall behind. While indulging may be an important part of travel, consider incorporating some fun activities that get your blood pumping so your normal exercise regimen is easier to get back to when it’s time to return home.

HTH Worldwide suggests paddle-boarding if you are vacationing near the water. Paddle boarding is a fun water sport that  can be relaxing but also allows you to enjoy the outdoors while still incorporating a work out. “The wobbly board surface, waves in the water, and occasional gust of wind turn paddle-boarding into a  full body workout than can torch 500 more calories in just an hour.” says HTH Worldwide. Some other fun activities on the water that can incorporate exercise are kayaking, canoeing, surfing, and swimming.

If you aren’t near the water, activities like hiking, walking, and bike riding are an easy way to sightsee and adventure through the area, all while keeping your body moving.  Organized tours are often available that incorporate walking or biking.

Try selecting a hotel that has a fitness center if outdoor adventures don’t have time allotted in the itinerary. Taking the time to book the right accommodations can make working out  easily accessible and can be incorporated when there is time. Additionally,  doing basic exercises in a hotel room is always an option.