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Travel Tip Roundup: How to Avoid Jet Lag

Travel Tip Roundup: How to Avoid Jet Lag

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Desynchronosis, better known as jet lag, is one of the downsides many world travelers may experience when taking a trip. Symptoms of jet lag may include feeling sluggish, tired, dizzy, or disoriented as a result of the body’s circadian rhythms being altered due to the long distances experienced in airline travel. Squaremouth has gathered tips from RoamRight and HTH Worldwide to help travelers avoid the interference of jet lag in their trip.

Before the Flight
Treating jet lag can begin even before taking a flight. Getting plenty of rest, and mentally preparing oneself for the time change will help a traveler anticipate the new time zone’s effect on the body. RoamRight recommends adjusting one’s diet before embarking for travel. “Implement high-protein, low-carb, low-calorie meals, containing limited amounts of sodium and fat. The protein provides energy, while the low amount of calories and carbs makes you feel less sluggish” says RoamRight. While HTH Worldwide adds, “Keep hydrated with plenty of water and avoid caffeine and alcohol, which has been known to aggravate symptoms while inadvertently keeping you awake.” Although many travelers may want to begin celebrating their adventure, it may be best to hold off on the spirits and caffeinated beverages until they have landed.

After the Flight
Once a traveler has landed in their destination it is important to continue to monitor signs of jet lag. RoamRight recommends not giving into sleep, “You will be tired and your body will naturally want to rest at odd times during the day. Do your best to resist that urge. Stay active and awake until it’s time to go to bed at your destination. If it is too hard for you to stay awake, then just take a power nap, but don’t give in to a deep sleep.”  Additionally, getting a healthy amount of sunlight and fresh air will help to keep travelers feeling healthy and comfortable. “Staying outdoors can help you increase your alertness, which in turn will keep you active” advises the company.