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Travel Tip Roundup: What to do When Weather Interrupts Travel Plans

Travel Tip Roundup: What to do When Weather Interrupts Travel Plans

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When taking a vacation, most travelers have planned the trip down to every last detail. So when the weather doesn’t particularly cooperate with a vacation that’s been planned far in advance, frustration can quickly set in. Travelex and RoamRight have offered a few tips on how to handle vacations that have been interrupted by less than desirable weather circumstances.

Prepare for the Unpredictable

Although travelers might have a day visiting city parks and perusing outdoor boutiques planned, there is always the chance that unpredictable weather may not allow for such activities. “Keep a back-up plan in mind, such as spending a day in the cafes or museums” recommends Travelex. Having a plan for both indoor and outdoor activities allows travelers the opportunity to see more in the area without losing an entire day to an unplanned weather circumstance. “Weather doesn’t just impact our flights, it impacts all aspects of travel and everyone who leaves home to go on vacation should make sure they are covered just in case” says RoamRight.

Pack Accordingly

If travelers are venturing off to an area with an unpredictable weather forecast, it may be necessary to pack everything from bathing suits, shorts, and flip flops, to rainboots, sweatshirts, and scarves. Packing according to your trip can greatly reduce the frustration involved in a sudden rainstorm, or a steep temperature hike. “If you keep up a good attitude and don’t mind getting a little bit wet, you can still have a great time” says Travelex. Additionally, reviewing the area’s ten day weather forecast to get an idea of what to expect may also help a traveler prepare for the weather as well as each day’s activities.

“Vacations are important, especially when we spend months saving for them and even longer planning them. We can control a lot of what happens when we travel, but ultimately we can’t control the weather” offers Travelex.