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Traveler’s Story About Cancellation Coverage from Travel Insurance Services

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Travel insurance carriers sometimes share customer testimonials in a newsletter, blog or on their website.  Recently, Travel Insurance Services posted a story about travelers who had a family emergency and needed the trip cancellation coverage in their travel insurance policy.  The following is the account of what happened and how travel insurance helped.

A couple’s grandchild was born early, with serious medical complications, and was placed in intensive care.

How we helped…

Though anticipating their upcoming trip, the couple chose to cancel and remain with their family members.

The couple had purchased our plan including trip cancellation insurance, and were reimbursed for 100% of their loss of prepaid travel arrangements.

Most travel insurance policies cover trip cancellation and trip interruption.  These allow the traveler to not take the trip or come home early from the trip if something happens which is one of the covered reasons listed in the policy.  Most policies contain the covered reason for a sickness, injury or death of a family member.  In this case, the premature birth of their grandchild qualified as a reason for trip cancellation and the couple was able to cancel their trip.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.

Source: Real Customer Examples