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Travelex Answers Coverage Questions For Hurricane Sandy

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The following questions and answers regarding travel insurance coverage for Hurricane Sandy have been provided by Travelex:

In effort to insure that we all are on the same page as to how coverage applies to Travel Basic, Travel Select, & Travel Max plans for Hurricane Sandy we’ve taken the liberty to draft some proposed question you may be receiving from accounts and/or direct consumers. As usual benefits are always determined at the time of a claim and based off the documentation submitted.

For BSM plans, coverage available for loss related to Hurricane Sandy on policies purchased on October 24, 2012 or earlier.

Am I covered for Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption on my current plan?

– Insured are eligible for TCTI benefits for the covered reasons under the TCTI benefit, if the policy was purchased on or prior to October 24, 2012. No coverage is afforded for the possibility of a storm affecting an insured’s travel, the loss must actually occur.

What if I experience a delay while traveling due to Hurricane Sandy, am I covered?

– Insured will be eligible for Trip Delay benefits (i.e. out-of-pocket expenses) if delayed for 5 or more hours by a common carrier as defined under our plans, provided the policy was purchased on or before October 24, 2012. Reimbursements included: cost incurred for additional meals, local transportation, and additional hotel accommodations up to plans specified benefit amounts for Trip Delay.

My original flight has been canceled due to Hurricane Sandy and my airline is advising that the next available flight won’t be for another week. Can I book a return flight home with a different provider and be protected for the cost of purchasing the new ticket?

– Travelers will be eligible for reimbursement on the additional transportation cost of the new air ticket to return home up to the maximum benefit amount under the Trip Interruption benefit specified by the plan type purchased.

What if the new flight is then canceled and/or delayed; would I still qualify for TCTI and/or TD benefits on the new loss? 

– In the event the new flight is canceled and/or delayed in the above scenario, travelers will be eligible for reimbursement under TI benefits for any additional transportation expenses incurred to catch up to the covered trip and/or to the final destination up to the maximum benefits amount specified by the plan type purchased. Under the Trip Delay benefits, if delayed for 5 or more hours due to a common carrier delay travelers would qualify for reimbursement on the additional cost incurred for meals, local transportation, and hotel accommodation up to the maximum benefit amount specified by plan type purchased.

My destination has been deemed uninhabitable; however my hotel accommodations remain open. Do I still have to go on the trip or do I qualify for Trip Cancellation benefits?

– Travelers should seek compensation from supplier first. Coverage will be considered under Trip Cancellation on the insured components for plans purchased on or before October 24, 2012 in the event a travelers destination is deem uninhabitable but their accommodation remain open.

If a traveler is notified that their airline cancelled their flight due to weather on the actual departure date, are they expected to join their trip?

– The expectation under our plans is for the traveler to still plan on traveling on the covered trip once travel has commenced.

If airline cancels flights on the day of departure and unable to get travelers to destinations in a reasonable timeframe (i.e. can’t get there until day 7 of their 10 day trip), are travelers still expected to go if insured under Travel Basic?

– Again the expectation under our plans is for the traveler to do their best to join the covered trip. In the event it’s not reasonable to expect a traveler to join the trip (For example, missing 7 days out of a 10 day trip) then coverage may be afforded for plans purchased on or before October 24, 2012.

If I used Frequent Flyer miles to purchase my airline ticket, am I protected if my flights are delayed and/or cancelled due to weather?

– Coverage will be afforded on the reissue fee incurred up to $200 per person to have the ticket reissued. In addition, if travelers over insured to protect themselves for the cost of an additional airline ticket if they experience a covered interruption, coverage would be afforded up to the maximum benefits amount under Trip Interruption as specified by the plan type purchased.

If my residence is located in the path of the Hurricane, am I eligible for TC benefits if purchased prior to the event occurring? 

– Coverage is afforded only for covered reason specified by the plan type purchased, in the event an insured home is deemed uninhabitable due to the hurricane then coverage is afforded if purchased on or before October 24, 2012. Coverage is not afforded to those simply in the projected path of the hurricane.

To be eligible for the covered reason that states “mandatory evacuation order by local authorities at destination due to hurricane”, what documentation would be required?

– This would apply to Travel Select and Travel Max plans only. Any documentation from the local government, policy, and/or state police obtained by travelers will suffice. In addition, insured can also submit internet and/or other news articles with their claim documentation. Hotels/Operators may also issue letters to their guest regarding the closure of the hotel/cancellation of the tour, which can also be submitted to support the claim. In general, claims will be researching and obtaining these documentations in advance to assist with claims reviews.