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Travelex Shares a Travel Triumph

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Trip interruption coverage in travel insurance can help recoup lost expenses when travel plans are cut short.  Most plans will reimburse unused and  forfeited trip costs, as well as additional costs of returning home early when the trip is interrupted for a covered reason.  If it is a medical situation, medical evacuation coverage and emergency medical coverage can also help the traveler.  Travelex recently shared such an experience in their agent newsletter.  The following testimonial is from a travel agent that booked an around the world trip for a client.

Her first stop, New York City! As it turns out – it was also the final stop on this long-awaited journey. This abrupt interruption was caused by an accidental leg injury while visiting the Empire State Building.

Travelex paid for all of her medical needs as a result of this injury. Travelex also provided a nurse escort and an upgraded first class seat for her trip home!

When there is an emergency situation during a trip and the travel insurance coverage is needed, it is important to contact the 24 hour assistance service number.  They can help arrange medical transportation, ensure the necessary medical treatment is received and advise on how to proceed with filing a claim, as was the case for this traveler.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.