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Trawick International Position Statement Ottawa Shooting

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Trawick International

Released: 10/23/2014

The following statement is in response to the shootings at the National War Memorial and Parliament in Ottawa, Canada on 10/22/2014. If you purchased a policy before the attacks in Ottawa, you can be eligible for Terrorism coverage if Ottawa is a city listed on your travel itinerary.

Trawick International Safe Travels medical policies do not exclude any acts of terrorism. If you become sick, injured, or die due to a terrorist attack you are covered. Acts of war are excluded. Trawick International Safe Travels Trip Cancellation policies provide coverage in the event a trip is cancelled or interrupted due to a terrorist attack.The incident must occur after the effective date of your trip cancellation coverage, in a city listed on your itinerary and within 30 days prior to your scheduled departure date.

Trawick International considers an event to be a terrorist attack if the government where the occurrence took place declares the event to be an act of terrorism.