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Trip Cancellation for Winter Storm Damage

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The latest winter storm to blast through the Midwest and Northeast is wreaking havoc on coastal New Englanders with flooding, strong winds, snow and power outages.

While the storm continues to cause flight cancellations that impact travel plans, many travelers may need to cancel their trips before they even make it to the airport due to power outages or impending damage to their homes from flooding. If this is the case, travelers with the right travel insurance coverage would be able to receive reimbursement for canceling their prepaid, nonrefundable arrangements.

Some travel insurance plans define coverage specifically for when a traveler’s home is damaged by certain events, namely fires, floods or other natural disasters. Travelers with trip cancellation coverage already in place can look for the following language if this type of damage is affecting travel plans:

– Your or your traveling companion’s principal place of residence made uninhabitable by fire, flood or other natural disaster within a specific number of days from departure

As severe winter storms continue to hit, travelers should plan ahead with this coverage in mind. Not all travel insurance plans define weather-related coverage the same way, however, so travelers should read policy details specifically to determine when coverage applies.