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Trip Scheduled for Prime Hurricane Season – Should We Insure?

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From TripAdvisor’s Disney World Forum (You can find the full conversation here) :

“We have a week scheduled in Sept 2012. Since that’s prime hurricane season, my wife wants to investigate the cost of trip insurance. Can anyone relate the availability, cost, and best insurance company to use? Many thanks!”

Disney has thousands of daily visitors throughout the year.  In the case that Disney does have to close due to a hurricane, they will reimburse your ticket purchase. However, this reimbursement does not apply when the park temporarily shuts down rides due to thunderstorms.

When deciding whether or not travel insurance is right for your trip, take into account your main coverage concerns. Some policies will only provide coverage if a hurricane causes the airline to shut down operations or causes your accommodations to be uninhabitable.

When traveling during hurricane season, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, don’t forget to look closely at the hurricane benefits of each policy option. Second, look for a policy that includes inclement weather. This will put fewer restrictions on your coverage range. Third, a policy that includes cancel for any reason will provide travelers with the option to cancel because of potential bad weather. This benefit allows for cancellation without providing any reason; however, it does not reimburse full trip costs. If you decide travel insurance is the way to go, make sure you buy in advance and compare policy details to find the right plan for you!