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Turbulence Or A Smooth Ride? You Decide. by Pat Graham-Block and Elon Block

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Why is it that 2 people can use the same airport, the same
airline and even be on the exact same flight, and have 2
totally different stories about their trip? 
Is it all about attitude? Well…sort of.

It’s about our expectations and is influenced by
visualization. We have a vision of what we will be
experiencing, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Trainers and Coaches talk about a process of visualizing the
end result, as you would desire it to happen. They suggest
you use this process when preparing for meetings, sales
presentations and other activities, whereby one outcome is
preferred over another.

That vision absolutely does affect the outcome. Ask any
athlete and they will tell you.

Athletes have used visualizing techniques for years. That is
what you observe them doing when you see them standing and
focusing on their target, in an almost trance-like state, at
the starting line or on the field, just before they hit or
throw the ball. These professionals are all envisioning, in
advance, what they want the outcome to be.

Can this process of visualization, work for you also in your
every day professional and personal life? Let’s say you are
traveling and would like to experience incredible food,
clean rooms ready for your arrival, flights and luggage
arriving on time, friendly and efficient service.

Can that really happen? The answer is…It sure can. Wayne
Dyer, best-selling author of “The Power of Intention:
Learning to Co-Create Your World Your Way” says that it is
definitely possible to affect all the experiences in
our lives. Try these suggested steps when planning your next
trip, for example.

1. Think how you want to feel before, during and after
your trip. (Since the energy you put out reflects on
the outcome, this is the best place to start).

Do you want to feel rested? Relaxed? Unhurried? Full of
energy? Joyful? Even visualize a sense of accomplishment
that the meeting went well and the deal was approved
and signed by all parties.

Really imagine the way you want to feel, as if it has
already happened.

2. As you are going about making the reservations, packing
your luggage and all the other activities leading up to
the first day of your departure, continue to keep the
vision of all the fun and successful interactions with
others you are going to experience.

You can even imagine being a magnet to some of the most
amazing people on your trip and see who you attract.

Investing the time to learn and use this process, is key to
having great travel experiences.

Will it really work for you? Only if you try it. All
I can say is… Check it out. You might like it.

P.S. This may be a new muscle and if at first, you
don’t succeed…practice, practice, practice. Better
yet, just like an athlete, you might even want to get
yourself a Coach!

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