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2013 Travel Warning for Algeria

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The U.S. Department of State has issued an updated travel warning for Algeria advising all travelers of the security risks associated with visiting this region.

Those who continue to travel despite the warning may want to consider a travel insurance plan that includes a non-medical evacuation benefit, which can provide transportation from a place of danger to a place of safety during times of political or civil unrest. Terrorism coverage may also be beneficial if a terrorist incident strikes a city listed on a traveler’s itinerary.

There is a high threat of kidnappings and terrorism in Algeria, especially for western nationals. Al-Qaida in the Lands of the Islamic Mahgreb is active throughout the area and has claimed credit for several attacks.

While the Embassy is open for public services, their ability to respond to U.S. citizens’ emergencies is limited. The potential threat to U.S. Embassy personnel is highU.S. citizens should take precautions to ensure safety. This includes avoiding large crowds and being aware of surroundings at all times.

Travelers can stay up-to-date with important emergency information by monitoring local Algerian news media and staying connected with the Embassy’s emergency updates online here.