Average Trip Cost

The United Kingdom is the fourth most affordable of the 25 most popular destinations

Rental Car Coverage

Travelers going to the U.K. add coverage for Rental Car Damage to their travel insurance policies more often than travelers taking trips to any other country

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United Kingdom Travel Insurance Fast Facts:

The United Kingdom is one of the fastest-growing destinations by popularity for U.S. travelers. The 2018, the country saw a 28% year-over-year increase in visitors. Most of these travelers buying travel insurance for the U.K. have three common concerns: Trip Cancellation, Emergency Medical, and Medical Evacuation. These are the same common concerns most travelers have when looking for travel insurance for international trips.

Just like many other popular European destinations, travelers going to the U.K. are worried about terrorist attacks. More travelers buy Terrorism coverage for trips to the U.K. than coverage for inclement weather.

Of the 25 most popular international destinations for Americans, travelers going to the U.K. are most interested in renting cars. These travelers are adding coverage for Rental Car Damage to their travel insurance policies.

Squaremouth’s United Kingdom Travel Insurance Recommendation:

To meet the needs of most travelers heading to the United Kingdom, Squaremouth recommends a comprehensive policy with high medical coverage – at least $50,000 for Emergency Medical and $100,000 for Medical Evacuation. In addition to these medical benefits, these policies will also cover cancellations, delays, and luggage.

For travelers planning to rent a car while in the U.K., Rental Car Damage coverage may be available through travel insurance. This is an optional upgrade and is only offered by some policies. Squaremouth suggests travelers compare the cost of adding this benefit to travel insurance versus the rental car company’s cost.