Travel Insurance FAQ

What Determines My Trip Cost?

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Trip cost is a major factor in determining the price of travel insurance. As a result, travelers should understand what to include to keep premiums down.

Trip cost should only include pre-paid and non-refundable expenses. Airfare is typically pre-paid and therefore, should be included. Travelers should also include any excursions or tours that are non-refundable.

Examples of refundable trip costs include hotels that allow cancellations and car rentals. When using travel award reservations, customers would only include change or cancellations fees when determining their trip cost, and not the value of the reward booking, as travel insurance providers will only reimburse actually cash loss.

Policies with the Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption benefits reimburse travelers for loses if a trip is canceled for covered reasons, such as death or illness, etc. Travelers can receive up to 100% of their trip cost for trip cancellation and up to 150% for trip interruption.