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What if a Volcano Ruins Your Vacation?

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Volcanic eruptions are an impressive display of geological power, but they can also wreak havoc on travel plans. Travel insurance policies may help travelers recover losses incurred from such “Acts of God,” or natural disasters.

Many policies include coverage for volcanic eruptions as a part of their cancellation and interruption benefits. Depending on the policy, there are different qualifying events that must happen in order for losses to be claimed.

The following is a partial list of qualifying circumstances resulting from natural disasters which may trigger cancellation and interruption benefits:

– Accommodations at the destination are made uninhabitable
– Mandatory evacuation or public evacuation advisements by local government authorities
– You or your traveling companion’s principal residence or destination are rendered uninhabitable
– Complete cessation of travel supplier services

Travelers are urged to read policy certificates for a full understanding of benefits.

Scientists are working on better ways to predict volcanic activity with greater accuracy. Geologists at the University of Southampton recently announced discovery of a trigger mechanism that may cause the most disastrous volcanos.  More information on this study is available here.