Travel Insurance FAQ

What If I Miss My Cruise Ship Departure?

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Travelers understand that a virus outbreak or hurricane can ruin a cruise, but they don’t always think about protecting themselves before the ship departs. Airline issues caused by weather or mechanical failures can be unpredictable and cause travelers to miss their cruise departure. To protect against having to pay for a last-minute flight from the departure port to next stop or cancelling the cruise altogether, travelers can use the Missed Connection benefit from their travel insurance policies.

Missed Connection provides reimbursement to travelers for the costs to “catch up” to a cruise if there is a covered delay, such as bad weather or an accident while en route the airport or cruise port. The benefit takes effect 3-6 hours after the delay occurs and provides $200-$2500 in coverage. Travelers can use this coverage to pay not only for transportation to join their cruise, but also for food, lodging, and missed excursions that occurred during the delay.

Travelers should review travel insurance policies carefully as Missed Connection coverage varies. Some plans cover mechanical failures, while others only protect against bad weather. Travelers should also look for the shortest delay period if they are traveling the same day their cruise departs.