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What to Look for in a Customer Review

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Customer reviews can heavily influence a traveler’s decision on which travel insurance provider is best for them. Whether the review is negative or positive, there are certain points to look for when reading a customer review. Below are a few tips on what to look for when reading travel insurance provider reviews.

Look at the volume of reviews

Compare the number of negative reviews to positive reviews.Customers should also compare the number of reviews to the total number of policies sold to help put things into perspective. For example, a company with thousands of policies sold and just a handful of negative reviews may still be a viable option. It is also important to note that reviews are not required. People may be happy with their experience, but may not necessarily provide a review. Generally, those who have had a negative experience will be more motivated to post a review.

Look for multiple sources of reviews

There are typically multiple platforms available for travel insurance reviews. Look for reviews directly on the travel insurance provider’s website, as well as third party review sites. Many times, third party review sites allow the provider to respond publicly. Seeing how the provider responds to the review is a good indicator of their commitment to customer service.

Look at the context

Customers may not always be reviewing the insurance provider, but rather, are reviewing the agent or the travel supplier. This holds true for both positive and negative reviews. Additionally, customers may not have had any contact with their insurance provider following the purchase, therefore they have only left a review on the purchase process. Pay attention to the verbiage used in their review for clues on what exactly the customer is reviewing – the insurance company, the purchasing process, the claims process, or the insurance agent.

Why was a claim denied?

Many times, the reason a claim is denied is due to the traveler misunderstanding their coverage. Though they may not be happy with the outcome, travelers leaving a negative review may have been denied for fair reasons. Reading the reviews as well as any provider responses can help give insight on why the claim was denied. In turn, this may help future travelers better understand their insurance policy and prevent them from making the same mistake.

Looking for the right clues and details in a travel insurance provider review can be extremely helpful in determining which provider is best for a traveler.