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What You Need to Know About International Medical Insurance When Studying Abroad

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Students studying abroad can expect to have plenty of new experiences while traveling. While this opportunity is exciting for students, it may cause concern among parents about their child’s health and safety.

Purchasing travel insurance to insure a student’s medical safety offers peace of mind to the student and family. and, most importantly, coverage in the event of a medical emergency. An international medical policy offers coverage for medical evacuation and medical treatment if deemed necessary. Occasionally, international medical policies will also offer a limited amount of a trip interruption benefit. This coverage may cover a return flight home for a death in the family, or in the event of one’s primary residence being made uninhabitable.

Students studying abroad can purchase international medical policies for a fraction of their trip cost. They can do so at any time, whether they have plans to travel in an upcoming semester or are currently traveling and decide they would like coverage. However, if a student does decide to purchase travel insurance some stipulations may apply. For example, if there is a specific concern that is causing the student or their parent to consider purchasing travel insurance, they may no longer be eligible as this condition or situation is no longer unforeseen. Therefore, they may want to consider a travel insurance policy prior to the student’s departure in order to receive the most coverage.

It is important to consider all possibilities that may affect the traveling student, and to research the policies available to determine which offers the benefits that best fits the needs of that individual.

A student’s safety and their parent’s peace of mind can make a world of difference when traveling abroad.