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When An Insurance Company Unfairly Denies a Claim

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Recently, a story surfaced about a family in the U.K. that had a travel insurance claim denied.  The family had planned a trip to Turkey when the father of one of the travelers suffered a fall and tragically died.  Because they had purchased trip cancellation coverage, the family filed a claim with their carrier, a U.K.-based insurer.

Almost all travel insurance policies with trip cancellation benefits cover the sickness, injury or death of anyone in the traveling party and their families. This family was reasonably upset when their insurer denied the claim.  Instead of reimbursing the trip cost for everyone in the family – since nobody was able to take the trip – the provider offered to cover only one person.

After a second follow-up call from the family, the insurance company agreed to reimburse trip costs for everyone within ten days. However, four weeks later, the family had still received nothing.

This story provides an excellent example of how Squaremouth’s “Zero Complaint Guarantee” can be extremely helpful to customers.  In the event that a carrier unfairly denies a claim for a policy purchased on their website, Squaremouth will step in and mediate on the customer’s behalf.  If the case is not resolved to Squaremouth’s complete satisfaction, the carrier will be removed from their site.

This is a promise that Squaremouth provides to all of its customers.

Hopefully this insurance company will get its act together and reimburse the family accordingly.