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When Can Pre-Existing Condition Coverage Be Purchased?

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We are going to Orlando at Easter and could not insure at the time of booking as my youngest was having medical tests so we needed to wait until the outcome.

My question is how do you get insured when you are still having tests to confirm things – definitely want to be covered in the US but not sure how to get the insurance sorted. Because of the hereditary nature of the illness eldest son is now having tests so back to square one 🙁

More than happy to post this on another forum if anyone can suggest one to post it on :-))
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Squaremouth’s Response:

Hi Rowena,

In order for travel insurance to cover a diagnosis that is made for your son, you will need to have a policy that includes coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. You could have insured earlier and purchased a policy with pre-existing coverage even though your son was undergoing tests and had not yet been diagnosed.

This could be a tricky claim to make, and it will vary based on the details of the situation and the language of the insurance policy.  For many travel insurance policies that include pre-existing coverage, the benefit requires that covered individuals be medically able to travel at the time a policy is purchased. At this time, before any diagnosis has been made, is your son medically able to travel?

Keep in mind that most policies require coverage to be purchased within 10-21 days of the initial trip deposit in order to include pre-existing conditions. If it has been longer than 21 days since your first trip payment, you will have substantially fewer policies available with pre-existing coverage. If you have not made your final trip payment, HTH Worldwide offers policies that include pre-existing coverage if purchased before final trip payment (TripProtector and TripProtector Preferred).

If you have made all payments and your initial deposit was longer than 21 days ago, there are a few additional international medical policies that will still cover pre-existing conditions. These include Liason International from Seven Corners, Beacon America from Azimuth, and SafeTravels USA by Trawick International . Please note that these three policies will not provide cancellation coverage.

I hope this helps answer your question. Please let me know if you have any further questions – I am happy to help!