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When it comes to travel insurance, there is no such thing as “one size fits all”

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travel insuranceSome travel suppliers, such as cruise lines and tour operators, offer travel insurance to travelers as an additional service to protect travel investments in case unforeseeable events prevent travelers from going on their trip or their trip is suddenly interrupted and cut short.

Many travel suppliers offer one basic travel insurance package for everyone regardless of age, or particular needs of each individual traveler. Although the quality of the products is the same, the benefits package and the premium paid for the policy in many cases is not the most favorable for the travelers.

Because of this, as with other insurance policies and products, it is to a traveler’s advantage to shop around. Travelers can find policies uniquely suited to their needs that often include more comprehensive benefits.

For example, in addition to canceling a trip for medical reasons, travelers can find trip cancellation benefits that cover the following:

– Pre-existing medical conditions
– Terrorism
– Financial Default
– Cancel for work reasons

Additionally, the emergency medical and medical evacuation coverage amounts can be limited on travel insurance policies purchased from a travel supplier. Exploring alternative options allows travelers to increase or decrease the amount of coverage that best fits their needs.

Comparing and customizing travel insurance policies is just as important as understanding the benefits and coverages.  It is recommended for travelers to fully review the benefits and exclusions in the policy. Click here for additional information on travel insurance benefits.