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Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance Early

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While travelers can buy travel insurance up to the day before departure, there are several reasons purchasing travel insurance early is beneficial.

Trip cancellation benefits begin protecting travelers for covered reasons listed in the policy the day after a plan is purchased. This means that travelers can claim cancellation benefits the day after purchase if a covered reason prevents them from traveling.

Most notably, there are certain “time-sensitive” benefits, like the pre-existing condition waiver and “cancel for any reason” coverage that may only be available to travelers if they purchase their insurance within a certain number of days from the initial trip deposit, usually between 10-30 days.

The initial trip deposit is the earliest day a traveler made travel arrangements. When getting a quote online, asks the question, “When did you make your first booking?” to determine a traveler’s eligibility for these benefits. This could be the earliest date that a traveler made a payment towards the trip or reserved travel arrangements.

Other time-sensitive benefits may include “cancel for work” reasons, financial default, and hurricane and weather. Purchasing travel insurance early on can ensure that travelers are able to maximize the benefits available to them.