Travel Insurance FAQ

Will my travel insurance policy cover me in the event my trip is cancelled due to the possible pending volcanic activity?

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This varies greatly depending on the travel insurance policy you purchased.

Travelex, CSA Travel Protection and Highway to Health Worldwide (HTH) consider a volcanic eruption to be a natural disaster and some of these plans offer coverage for some effects of a natural disaster. Again, insureds should refer to their policy certificate for the full details of coverage.  Coverage must have been purchased prior to January 25th for Mt. Redoubt and prior to February 1 for Mt. Asama.

Most of the plans offered by TravelGuard do not cover for volcanoes under the definition of natural disaster. These situations would generally not be covered. However, they do sell policies that offer “Cancel for Any Reason” upgrades and insureds should refer to their specific policy language to determine which package they purchased.

The core travel insurance plans offered by Travel Insurance Services do not include volcanoes under the natural disaster definition. These situations would generally not be covered. However customers should check their paperwork to verify if they purchased the Cancel for Any Reason upgrade.