Travel Insurance FAQ

Will Travel Insurance Cover at Home?

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Some people mistakenly look to travel insurance for temporary medical coverage while they are living at home.  A policy will not cover someone staying at their home.  By definition, travel insurance requires the insured individual to be travelling away from home.

Vacation plans, sometimes called package plans or cancellation insurance can cover domestic or international travel.  In order to be covered, the person must be traveling outside of their home city.  Some plans require a specific amount of miles away from home, usually 100 – 200 miles.  Vacation plans are normally a package of benefits with trip cancellation, trip interruption, travel delay, emergency medical, medical evacuation and other benefits.

Long term plans, also referred to as international medical insurance, immigrant insurance or visitors insurance can cover worldwide travel, outside of the person’s home country.  To qualify for these plans, the coverage must be for a period where they are not in their country of residence.  The coverage in long term plans centers around the emergency medical and medical evacuation benefits.  These plans do not include trip cancellation.

Annual travel insurance covers multiple trips throughout a one year period.  Like the vacation plans, international and domestic travel can be covered.  Again, the travel must be outside of the home city and can require a set number of miles from home.  These plans focus coverage on emergency medical and medical evacuation, very few have limited options for trip cancellation coverage.

Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.