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Will Travel Insurance Cover Me if I am Driving not Flying?

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Travel insurance is designed to cover the traveler from the time that they leave their home, throughout the trip until they return back home.  This is true whether the travel plans include a flight or not.  If there is an accident while driving to the destination, then there can be coverage for emergency medical & dental as well as trip interruption.  Always refer to the certificate of insurance for details.

In general, you can purchase a policy if you are driving to and from your destination, or during your trip, if you have defined departure and return dates. You can be covered for some benefits, such as Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation benefits, however, Trip Cancellation and Loss or Delay benefits are primarily designed to provide coverage for events that impact your trip if you are taking a common carrier.

Travel insurance can provide coverage when you are driving to, from, and during your trip, however, not all benefits will apply. Most policies require you have defined departure and return dates for your covered trip, even if you are driving.

For example, you can be covered for Emergency Medical and Medical Evacuation coverage while driving. However, many travel insurance benefits, such as Trip Cancellation and Loss or Delay benefits, only apply if you are taking a common carrier, such as a plane, bus, or train.

Additionally, some policies will offer coverage if you are delayed while en route to your departure by a documented traffic accident or if there are documented street closures as a result of weather or a natural disaster.

This information can vary based on the travel insurance policy. Please review the policy certificate to verify coverage. If you have questions about a specific policy, please contact us directly at 800-240-0369. Our customer service representatives are available from 8am to 10pm ET seven days a week and are delighted to help!