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Winter Storm Systems Continue to Affect Post-Holiday Travel Plans

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A powerful winter storm system is sweeping through the Northeast, bringing icy conditions to roadways and causing thousands of flights cancellations for travelers returning from Christmas vacation.

Stranded travelers across the middle and Northeastern region of the states may not have much to rescue them from travel despair except for their travel insurance policies. Travelers who have a policy in place can look for the following benefits to help relieve the stress and frustration of disrupted travel plans:

Travel Delay – This benefit can provide reimbursement for unexpected meal and accommodation expenses that travelers may be subject to during lengthy flight delays. The benefit usually allows a few hundred dollars per person to cover these costs. However, travelers should be aware that in most cases, they would need to be delayed for a specific number of hours before coverage is available.

– Missed Connection – In the event a traveler misses a connecting flight because of inclement weather, this benefit can help pay the costs to “catch up” to the trip. Travelers should note that some policies only cover missed cruise or tour departures, while others cover missed departures of any kind.

– Trip Interruption – For those who are prevented from continuing on a trip, the trip interruption benefit can cover any unused non-refundable, prepaid trip expenses. It may also cover travelers who need to return home early due to a reason listed on the policy.

Weather can be just as unpredictable this time of year as it is during hurricane season. In order to maximize coverage, travelers should understand policy details. Look for benefits that cover delays, cancellations, or interruptions because of weather. With the right benefits in place, the stress of traveling during the busy holiday season can be alleviated.