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Winter Storms Remind Travelers of the Benefits of Travel Insurance

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Snowed In United AirplanesSevere winter storms moving from the Midwest to the Northeast these past few days have caused travel delays and cancellations at some of the busiest airports in the country. Winter storm systems are constant this time of year, and serve as an excellent reminder of the benefits available in travel insurance policies.

When planning travel through winter storm paths, some of the most valuable travel insurance benefits to look out for are trip cancellation, travel delay and missed connection benefits.

When snow storms cause complete cessation of common carriers, travelers can be reimbursed for losses associated with cancelling a trip. Any prepaid, nonrefundable trip costs are eligible for reimbursement. Although cancelling a trip is never ideal, travel insurance can help ease the disappointment by recovering costs. Travelers should look for weather listed as a covered reason under trip cancellation.

One of the most valuable benefits this time of year is travel delay. Airlines often delay flights while bad weather passes through and travelers can get stuck at the airport, sometimes having to pay for additional meals or unplanned hotel stays. Travel delay benefits can reimburse travelers for these costs. However, they should be aware of any daily limits associated with the benefit.

Missed connection coverage is also available to help travelers recover costs associated with catching up to a trip when weather causes them to miss a connecting flight. Missed connection coverage can kick in in as little as three hours.

Travelers who check policy details for weather-related coverage will be more prepared next time they face lengthy delays and flight cancellations.