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WTP Sports Coverage Option is Vital Protection for Active Sports Vacationers

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This article was reproduced from the Travel Insured International monthly newsletter.

Given the 2008 fuel cost situation, there is a good chance you have clients skipping the long driving trip this year and choosing instead to enjoy their favorite outdoor sports activity. A new Sports Coverage option, now available on all new Worldwide Trip Protector plans, including WTP Gold and WTP Lite and Lite Expanded, provides your clients with the coverage they need for participating in a bodily contact sport while on vacation. You should carefully note that without a Sports Coverage Option active sports such as skydiving, hang gliding, parachuting, caving, heli-skiing, racing, bungee cord jumping, speed contests or mountain climbing are excluded from coverage under the Worldwide Trip Protector plans. However, purchasing the Sports Coverage Option provides coverage by eliminating exclusions for these sports when insured travelers are participating in them within the time of their covered vacation. Additionally, Sports Coverage protects prepaid, non-refundable ski passes, golf greens fees, and equipment rentals, and reimburses equipment rentals needed if your owned equipment is delayed by a Common Carrier.

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